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As discussed earlier that People Management is the most strategic area of concern for a Business Entity which is engaged in various projects with massive investment involved on those projects. Similarly, People management was the key concern for the construction, contracting and designing companies that were directly involved in the building of Burj Khalifa.

It is reported by many observers that 12,000 workers used to gather everyday at the site of Burj Khalifa when its construction started way back in year 2003/4. The contracting company (Samsung Engineering and Emaar Properties) that was in charge of handling and managing all the construction work at the site of Burj Khalifa had serious task ahead of them which was to manage such a large number of workforce at the site everyday and to make sure the workers were productive as well as secure enough to work at a skyscraper that was soon to become as the world tallest manmade Building.

It is known by many observers that the concept of people management for the skilled and unskilled labors for Burj Khalifa had been below standards and has been described as unethical by many. The employees that were hired by the construction and contracting companies often complained that they were not provided proper accommodation facilities due to which they were unable to work with proper concentration during working hours.

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