Sample Essay

This report aims to establish the unspoken silences that exist in society which alienate one citizen from another. In this case, Fred Bailey notices a lot of differences that exist between people of two different countries that transgress beyond the preliminary language and culture barriers. Furthermore, by making use of two analytical tools such as Hofstede’s Five Dimensions of Culture and the MBI model we will aim to understand why people in certain organizations face such problems.

This is especially relevant for expatriate employees who, at the expense of their roots, family and societal conformity, take a huge leap of faith and transfer to completely new countries where the culture can come as quite a shock. It is reflected in his wife’s behavior, who is initially very skeptic about the move. This report mostly focuses on the ways through which Fred can settle these differences that are mentioned in the case, within and outside his home, so that he can spend his tenure successfully and shift back to his hometown.

People of Japan and citizens of the United States have completely different personalities altogether. While people belonging to the latter country have a tendency to be outspoken, boisterous and independent, Japanese individuals are typically shy, soft-spoken, traditional and downright conventionalists. Similarly, the economy and purchasing power of both countries are entirely different and it is challenging for Fred’s family to accommodate the Japanese lifestyle into their daily lives.

This report also acknowledges the problems mentioned in this case regarding members of an organization. Cultural and national differences aside, Fred’s organization seems to be suffering from internal contaminations as well. In order to run this organization smoothly in the time allotted to Fred, he will have to take extensive measures into solving those problems.

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