Sample Essay


Safe Mint UK Limited manufactures steel shipping containers since 1902. It was inherited by Samson Mint who is the acting chief executive of the company and holds the majority of shares in the company. It has a workforce of four hundred and seven people of which three hundred are employed at the production plant. Recently, the company is facing increasing competition as new entrants have entered this industry. The organization is also facing problems with regards to its employees in form of strikes and reduced output. Its productivity has declined and customer complaints have increased over the years. The organization also faces absenteeism that results in lower output and reported a net loss in 2007. The new blood in the company proposes investment in machinery as well as employees. However, Mr. Mint fails to acknowledge these problematic areas and views the expenditures as only costs with no return on investment.

On the other hand, Docklands Solutions Limited (DSL) produces computer security software since 1997. It has an impressive turnover rate, which is constantly increase by 30% annually over the last five years. The company has won awards in quality and enterprise excellence. DSL believes in investing in its employees to provide the impetus for its growth. The employees at DSL are treated as friends at all levels of the organization. The organization invests in its employees and expects them to perform. DSL uses a team approach to accomplish tasks and employs contemporary way of communications such as video conferencing and more. The senior management believes in developing its employees so that they perform at every arena in business and beyond. At the same time employees are held responsible to deliver results and meet organizational standards.

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