Sample Essay

At the time when Pepsi was making efforts to enter the Indian market, India was basically a protected or closed economy. It had enacted protectionism of its local companies, and brand against the onslaught of foreign brands. This is the reason for the obstacles and stringent procedures Pepsi  had to go through to obtain a license of operations in India. Even though Pepsi had made a lot of promises to the Indian government, however, it did not fulfill all of its promises.

From a critical perspective Pepsi fell short of fulfilling its commitment to the Indian government. From a neutral perspective it can be established that the company fulfilled some of its promises but failed to fulfill others. Moreover the company’s communication to the government should have been clearer. For example, it might have created twenty-six thousand indirect jobs in the country but it did not clarify in its proposals if the jobs would be direct or indirect. On the other hand, the company did establish agro based  research centers but took more time than it had earlier specified. It was also never able to fulfill its proposed potato production and it was unwise to make tall claims that it could not deliver. However, if such claims were made in order to gain an entry into the Indian market only , then, it can be classified against the norms of business ethics. That would indicate that in essence Pepsi had misled the Indian government.

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