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Barriers also exist in something as pedestrian as communication. The most witnessed form is physical barriers which hampers effective communication. Moreover, perceptual and cultural barriers are those which carry long-term implications. Barriers such as these block out impartial information and put a person’s judgmental instincts on the prowess at that moment.  People might feel emotionally dependent or vulnerable. They might be intimidated by a supervisory figure and end up horribly misinterpreting the message instead. “One of the more chilling memories of the Cold War was the threat by the Soviet leader Nikita Khruschev saying to the Americans at the United Nations: “We will bury you!” This was taken to mean a threat of nuclear annihilation. However, a more accurate reading of Khruschev’s words would have been: “We will overtake you!” meaning economic superiority. It was not just the language, but the fear and suspicion that the West had of the Soviet Union that led to the more alarmist and sinister interpretation.”  (, n.a.)
An area that had been vastly unexplored in the earlier half of the twentieth century was sexuality. Conventionally, male and female participants were encountered in an intimate act of pleasure. However, with growing needs, a branch of homosexuality has also crept out and now it is considered as a legal, acceptable choice undertaken by those individuals who feel as if their needs can be satisfied by members of the same sex. Traditionally, the male participant was considered aggressive and dominant owing to his physical supremacy by default. The women are taught to be more subservient and allowing in their nature. However, those approaches have also been shed to allow for a more harmonious culture that soundly censures gender inequalities. Gender differences have been curbed to the bare minimum and mere dregs of this archaic school of thought are only witnessed in the Asian parts of the world where culture and religion still undermine and advocate the inferiority and subjugation of women.

“Seven Barriers to Great Communication” n.a.

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