Sample Essay

Training that is provided to the employees has various objectives that an organization seeks to achieve but one thing which is often laid stress upon is the performance to be enhanced and improved of the employees that have been trained. While employees are being trained by the organization, they are briefed about the performance standards they have to achieve while working on different tasks. Hence an effective training is one in which employees are clearly informed about the ways in which they can continue following up the performance standards while working. These performance standards are important part of training as it explains the employees the level of performance they need to achieve by being extra efficient. In brief, performance standards guide the employees how they have to achieve a standard while performing at work.

Delivery Methods:

Training to the employees can be delivered through various channels or mediums. The most common medium through which trainings are delivered is by arranging the training sessions at different occasions so that employees can attend those sessions whenever they are held. Trainings can be on job as well as off job. On job training is normally preferred by the employees as they give an employee an ample chance to learn and get trained by watching a senior employee carrying out the same task. Trainees can put up questions during such on job sessions of training to clear up their concepts. Off job training is also another medium through which trainings are delivered to the employees. Such training sessions are held after working hours while employees are not on the field. However on job training is preferred and given much priority by the employees as it offers more chances for employees to learn and clear any misconceptions. Trainings are also delivered over the internet through video conferencing which is now new in various organizations. At times the training staff is not available in a country where there is a need to provide trainings hence this tool, video conferencing is the one which is now widely adopted to make the training sessions more interactive and effective.

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