Sample Essay

Any future approach to this problem should focus more on personal concerns of workers. This is evidenced by respondent’s explanations on what seems to benefit or make them more comfortable. This forms a theoretical platform on which findings in this research comes up with different theories that explain worker morale boosting and its limitations. However, these theories have not been tested but can be by use tools such as questionnaires to reach different organizations that use different types of morale boosting techniques.

Much emphasis should also be directed at the human resource managers to find out how they approach morale boosting in the organizations they run. More tools of collecting data such as questionnaires and email should be used to broaden the scope in quality data collection thus boosting reliability of results.

6.6 Learning reflections

Academic material from class theory sometimes seems so impractical. However, this research study has shown that although not everything is observable on the ground, most of the class work is evident in the field. Scholars need to research on better methods of improving workmanship and thus stimulate the overall performance of a company.

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