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Our Personnel Plan begins at with the founder.  Sam Tan, the chef and proprietor, will initially serve as the head chef, as well as general store manager.  Being a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France with experience in three five-star restaurants he is well prepared for the jobs of chef.  In addition, his degree from the University of Illinois, C-U in Restaurant Management equally prepares him for the managerial aspects of the business.

Kitchen Operation

The head chef will manage the kitchen at operation hours, and will be supervising store operation at all times. He will be assisted with

  • Sou Chef, that will assist in all kitchen operation
  • additional assistant that will be hired

In House Operation

The general manager will be in from time to time to check and ensure on all operations run smoothly. We will hire additional staff for

  • Waiters/Waitresses, two per shift
  • Cashier and Counter, one per shift

Our hiring policy will include in enlisting the same age group target market which are college/university students. Hiring mainly part-time and divided into 2 shifts for each day of operation. This is creating a kind of environment where people can feel more connected with the staff and working as a marketing strategy to create brand awareness.

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