Sample Essay

Personality traits of a manager are those characteristics that combine together and form into an appealing personality that would be attractive and would influence others. Personality traits can be further divided into general personality traits and task-related traits. The general personality traits include extraversion, dominance, psychological adjustment and assertiveness. While task-oriented traits can be emotional intelligence, internal locus of control and also flexibility and adaptability to the changing work methods, environments or people. (Kelly, 2007)

Motives is another aspect of the traits of a leader. Motives are revealed as the intentions seen in the behavior of leaders. Motives are also evident through the emotional energy which shows how important the leader considers things to be. The motives of the leader need to be clear. The motives are of four forms. Power, drive and achievement, strong work ethics and Tenacity. The power motive involves the leader influencing the actions and behaviors of others. Power is further divided in personalized power motive and socializes power motive.

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