Sample Essay

I do acknowledge the orders from the top management that you are free to wear casually on Fridays. I also note the mode of dressing each of the employees is wearing on this Fridays. However, I am not pleased with your dressing and as your head of the department, I request you to consider my advice. We are in this company to offer good service to our customers. The way we present ourselves to them also makes them make the first impression of the people they are dealing with. I want you to note that the mode of dressing of some of us on Fridays may have a negative impression of us and thus may negatively affect our business.

 Since casual Fridays is allowed by the top management, it is our joint responsibility to see to it that we do not misuse this chance. Most of the customers will be attracted to do business with us due to the impression they get from our dressing. This implies that dressing decently will mean improved business and further improved sales and profits. This may later lead to increased salaries from the top management to motivate us to improve our business further. This is what each of the employees needs to work towards. Any members of the staff feels satisfied after he or she makes customers satisfied and hence loyal to our company.

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