Sample Essay

PEST analysis is an external analysis which is carried by an organization to have a better look on the external environment of the industry in which it operates. Political, economic, social and technological factors present in the external environment are analyzed in this analysis. In terms of PEST analysis, a deeper look is given on the past, present and future trends. Politically Australia has been a country that has been having pretty stable political situation from past few decades. Although the policies kept on changing from time to time, but such policies never left adverse impact on the Ford Company. In the past Government had imposed some taxes and tariffs on import of certain ford vehicles furthermore had abolished the free trade agreement but in the recent years the trade tariffs have been abolished due to which political changes have brought sufficient benefits for the Ford Company (LeBlanc, 2006, p.11).

Economically, Australia has been a very stable place and especially for Ford, Australia proved to be a place with full of opportunities as in the past the nation has been having economic boom. The GDP and income level of the individuals have been well above the mark making the country as economically sound.   With perfect economic situation, Australia seems to be the best location for Ford to produce its automobiles and sell them in local markets as well as export them (Morris, 2009, p 201).

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