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As the Naro Car Company already has a model of its vehicle which is unique and one of a kind in the automobile market and not any of the automobile manufacturer has up till now come up with any similar sort of vehicle therefore there are massive chances of the vehicle achieving success when it is launched into the UK market. External or the PESTEL analysis can well assure whether the new Naro car will be a success or a failure (Pritchard, 2005, p.123).

Political: political analysis highlights the political environment of the country where the product is officially being launched. It has to be a political stabilized country where the company intends to penetrate so that instability should not affect adversely on the product and its market. The UK seems to be the perfect place or the heaven for the Naro Car to be launched (Peters, 2004, p. 11).

The political situation in the UK remains stable and it is regarded as the most stable government in the entire world. Political upheavals are less likely to be witnessed in the UK which really favor for the Naro Car Company to ensure great results. Legislation in the UK is pretty much flexible and are easy to be abided by the business. Legislation consists of laws and they vary from country to country. As the laws in the UK are not much strict in the UK therefore the Naro Car Company would be more likely to enjoy much more benefits in terms of lenient legislation. Taxes and subsidies are also counted under the political heading when carrying out PESTEL analysis. Taxes are often collected by the government for providing service to the business and especially in the UK; taxes are high which might be a negative point for the business as business will have to pay more in taxes but it also needs to be kept in mind that subsidies and grants are often given to the new businesses so that they could get assistance from the government in running their operations hence Naro Car Company too could be facilitated from government subsidies provided by the UK government (Pinson, 2008.p.87).

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