Sample Essay

PESTLE analysis is that analysis which identifies the external environment trends in the market and clarifies whether those external factors are favorable for business activity or not. PESTLE analysis highlights the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental factors that are present in the market where the business operates (Farris, 2010, p. 221).

Listerine has been operating in the market where the political situation is pretty feasible and stable. The policies that are made are stable and not volatile due to which business activities are least affected. Government policies are also there to make business activities easier for the organizations yet not causing much difficulty for the business activities to take place (Scott, 2010, p. 49).

Economic situation too seems favorable for Listerine as the country has moderate GDP level as well as income level and purchasing power of the customers is well beyond the mark. This clarifies that the market where Listerine is currently operating is stable and there are highly probability for the business to operate well and harvest better rate of return on its investment. Economic policies too are positive points for Listerine as they can assist the business in tough times in form of removing income taxes and providing grants and subsidies in crisis situations (Bratton, 2008, p.106).

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