Sample Essay

Q11. Explain Plato’s theory of morality. Include in your response a. the nature of the soul b. one must be good to perform good actions c. the function of knowledge in becoming good.

A11.Plato says it is rational to be moral, according to Plato human psychology is compatible with the idea of our goals, human nature allows the possibility of moral motive in self interest, a rational and just person has a harmonious soul, his theory of morality is based on justice, nature and rationality of the person.(a) Nature of soul. The only thing that can move itself is the soul, all motions in the universe are brought by the souls, they join together and God is the Head and cause all the cosmic motions the best soul does the most goodness.(b) One must be good to create good actions as all motions are created by the soul,(c) The function of knowledge is becoming good, the theological good can be demonstrated by reason as good soul does good.

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