Sample Essay

On the other hand, we find the same problem with Celimene playing with Alceste’s and several other men’s feelings. She causes trouble in between all of them as they fight over who is better for her and who is not. By the end of the fight everyone realizes that Celimene really is not worth their time and effort, and she is left with Alceste even though she does not wish to be with him at all. Alceste realizes this fact and finally decides that it was wrong of him to fall in love with Celimene who is such a low being.

Here we get to see that when people play around with others feelings, they themselves get to be left alone in the long run. This is yet another problem which is still common in our society. People do not care much about how others would feel because of their wrong-doings. Both of the authors through their writings have tried to inform people of these social issues, hoping people would learn and become better people. But this most certainly does not seem to be happening when it comes to the real-world as this problem just seems to be taking over everywhere.


In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that the authors of both the books have tried to evoke awareness about certain social issues through their writings, hoping people would rectify them.

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