Sample Essay

Political freedom is another area of controversy. Opposition of the government and its policies under the communist part of China are shunned in the country. This was evident in the incident surrounding the Tiananmen Squaremassacre where a number of people died. This talk of politics always goes hand in hand with talk of the status of Tibet.

After the Chinese takeover of Tibet in 1951, the Dalai Lama who is the spiritual head of Tibetan Buddhism fled to China and from there has been continuously voicing opinions against the actions of the Chinese government in Tibet. As the Dalai Lama speaks, “the new Chinese settlers have created an alternate society: a Chinese apartheid which, denying Tibetans equal social and economic status in our own land, threatens to finally overwhelm and absorb us.” (Profile: The Dalai Lama) Along with the Tibetans, another ethnic minority that is alleged to be subject to adverse policies of marginalization by the Chinese government are the Uighers (Christoffersen).

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