Sample Essay

My space has piled up almost 67 million members. It was launched in 2004 and is growing up at an average 250,000 new members daily according Danny Dudeck who is a MySpace spokes woman. It’s phenomenal growth rate has pushed its popularity along the lines of more notable players such as yahoo and Google. This is yet another social networking site which has cashed in on the most viable popular marketing models and built up its establishment on the network.  The primary purpose of MySpace was communication.

It provided a means to communicate and establish one’s own little corner on the internet solely dedicated to work and build up on their interests. Once done with that, friends and family members who held similar interest could be easily invited to the board and interaction set off. MySpace marketers cashed in on the aforementioned points and opted for aggressive marketing. It continues growing today and is expected to move beyond this in near future. (Center for Responsive Poltics n.d.)At the same time, marketers also went up and told their users and other prospect users that MySpace gave more freedom and space to look around and search for profiles compared to its competitors. It is host to dozens of forums and groups which belong to certain specific niches. This gave them the opportunity to look and spot the exact kind of people they wanted and even invite friends to sell a particular product or service.

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