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      It is said that, “Reinforcements may be positive or negative. In positive reinforcement, the behavior results in something good—some positive consequence. This consequence may involve such things as money, the pleasurable feelings associated with drug use, attention from parents, approval from friends, or an increase in social status. In negative reinforcement, the behavior results in the removal of something bad—a punisher is removed or avoided. For example, suppose one’s friends have been calling her a coward because she refuses to use drugs with them. The individual eventually takes drugs with them, after which time they stop calling her a coward. The individual’s drug use has been negatively reinforced” (Crime Causation: Sociological Theories – Social Learning Theory, 2008).

      The social learning theory believes that there are particular environments in which crime is more probable to be reinforced and is rarely punished. This reinforcement at times is intentional. For instance, the parent of an aggressive child, who is screaming in the market usually, gives the child a piece of chocolate. Without meaning to do so, the parent has somehow encouraged the aggressive behavior of the child.


      In the light of the above discussion we can hereby culminate that the social learning theory has been worked upon by a number of researchers, and the theory states that observation of people in our surroundings at times forces us into copying their behavior and attitude.

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