Sample Essay

In the article a vast number of positive effects of a communal bath have been put forward. They have been presented as a list. The positive effects that showering at BIK has on the girls have been put forward as lessons that it teaches the girls.

The first and foremost positive effect that it has on the girls is that it “requires an initial leap of faith”. This means that in the beginning of the shower, most girls start off by showering with their bath suits on but eventually they have to get naked. This brings about faith in your own image, your own appearance which is very helpful in life. The second positive effect that showering at BIK has on the girls is that girls and boys of different cultures bath together which brings about a feeling of unity.

The communal bathing exercise is very constructive because women of different ages and sizes stand in front of each other naked, this allows them a look at other women and who unlike the idealized version the society props up makes them feel very comfortable because the women realize that no woman has that so-called perfect body which is so desirable.  This is a kind of empowerment as the girls and women feel that they have been liberated from the social requirements and restrictions.  The very fact that the women are happy with their physical appearances and their bodies is a push against the American culture.


The article shows that the American culture and society makes women usually feel uncomfortable with their physical appearances and bodies, and this bathing exercise helps women fight this culture and the social constructs as women realize that in reality different women have different bodies and that all women can and should not strive to fit an ideal model.

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