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Hence, we can say that power can be defined in terms of having the capacity to manipulate the ending of events. Power can be used both correctly and incorrectly. It can be used and exerted incorrectly by the use of sheer force and coercion. On the other hand, authority is said to be subjective and is greatly dependent upon the perception of an individual when it comes to its rightness. Authority is taken into consideration it terms of being rightful power. “It might be helpful to think which individuals and institutions in your lives command rightful power. Perhaps your bishop; perhaps President Gordon B. Hinckley. In terms of our political lives, the president of the United States and his administration command authority, or rightful power, for at least a critical mass or majority of American citizens” (Bowen, 2000).
Authority as mentioned previously can be defined as the right to decree or grasp, the power to give instructions, which is believed that others are supposed to obey, the right to make and enforce law. In a free society, power is only used when it is needed so as to protect the people along with their property, and rights of the innocent, and it is also used as a last resort after a number of efforts have been made and fail after an appeal to the higher authority. Authority   only   subsists when   subsidiaries recognize the idea that the supervisor has authority over them. Authority is not something that can be overpowered upon the lives of others, hence it does not entail power by any means. Authority can remain unrecognized by the subordinates, by means of taking up disobedience, denial, or work delays.  Even though people usually accept authority without questioning or double-thinking about it, but abusing authority can lead to a number of mishaps and can make it turn completely ineffective. On the other hand, people who possess power over others often use it to influence others toward the accomplishment of command goals.

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