Sample Essay

Authority does not in any way require exercising brutal force or coercion over others, while power can be used in rather negative ways. Power does not come with authority as has been proved above. It is a mere misconception.
Having power means having possession of practicing control over others. Weber has defined power as having the capability to make someone act in a way which is not acceptable by the person acting upon it. When power is practiced in politics, one has to act in ways which he or she would not have done so if he or she had been free. Considering in terms of politics, authority is very different from political power. Authority in politics requires legitimacy as well as recognition. It can be said that only those people or state can practice authority who have been given a professed right to do so. Legitimacy is a characteristic of government achieved by means of the attainment and appliance of power in reference to documented or accepted standards or principles. Three types of authority are present in the current day politics, known as traditional authority, charismatic authority and legal-rational authority. Traditional authority is that which is followed by people due to the fact that it continues and supports doing what has always been done previously. It is followed because it supports doing things the way they have always been done. Charismatic authority on the other hand is that which is attained by using ones own personal charms or strengths. This type of authority is usually very short-lived. Legal-rational authority receive their ability to compel behavior by virtue of the office that they hold. It is the authority that demands loyalty and obedience to the office and not the office holder.

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