Sample Essay


“Dialogue is about expanding our capacity for attention, awareness and learning with and from each other. It is about exploring the frontiers of what it means to be human, in relationship to each other and our world”.

— Glenna Gerard

     Dialogue can be defined as the exchange of ideas or it is basically a reciprocal conversation. A dialogue can also be considered as a flow of communication amongst people because of which there might come forward some new perceptive that is somewhat ingenious. Dialogue moves further than any one persons perceptive, to make unambiguous the hidden and put up combined sense and community. It is said that dialogue “is often useful to contrast Dialogue with discussion. In Dialogue we are interested in creating a fuller picture of reality rather than breaking it down into fragments or parts, as happens in discussion. Dialogue slows down the speed at which most groups converse by employing deeper levels of listening and reflection. Another important aspect of Dialogue is its open-endedness” (What is Dialogue, p.1).

Dialogues play a very important role in movies as well as books. The dialogue delivery is something which if done correctly can present to us some rather strong points of view. In a movie or in a book, a dialogue has rather different meanings.

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