Sample Essay

In countries like Japan, power distance index reveals a 54, which is higher than that in USA (, n.a.) since the people in the former country are generally humble and graciously respectful of authority. The ratio is relatively higher than the midpoint, 44, which has been established through an official study group (Murray State University, 2001). An independent writer claims that, “One of the first things you will come into contact is bowing when you meet someone. Not seen in many parts of the world is the sign of respect shown how well treated the Japanese are. Japan has the most number of reported cases where wallets are turned into the police. It is so normal in their culture to respect one another.

This aspect of their life is thoroughly rooted in to each person’s personality at a very young age. As soon as children enter school, their social position is determined by grade and the lower class has to show respect to the older class men. They are made to lean how to differentiate social position and show the level of respect differently from person to person. By the time the children grow up, they are able to show one of the basic and necessary qualities in surviving in the difficult and demanding economy of Japan. (Mishima, n.a.)

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