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This lobby has demanded US to adopt the inexcusable policies for Middle East. The AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), Israeli lobby, will remain powerful as ever. The proof of this fact is that when, in 2009, President Obama insisted Netanyahu to stop building settlements in the West Bank and to change its thinking about the “two state solution” by giving Palestinians their own real state. During his speech at Cairo, he insisted that ‘two state solution’ is in favor of Israel, Palestine, America and the whole world. In this regard Netanyahu humiliated Obama. All this happened because of powerful Israel lobby. American supporters of Israel are in the favor of two- state solution because they know that long term future if Israel can e protected by this   . The evidence of this is the development of J Street. J Street wants to help Obama in his fight with Netanyahu, because they have now realized that Netanyahu is not paying attention to the two state solutions. This also shows that Obama and his team did not play game in favor of Israel (Mearsheimer, 2010)

Mearsheimer and Walt (2007) further extended their debate towards the recent developments in Iran and Lebanon. The Israeli bombing camping on Lebanon was criticized by the whole world. This also showed that American people are not in the favor

US gave a very diplomatic assistance to Israel.United States several times tried to stop Iran’s uranium production but failed. Now Obama time after time said that they would not accept Iran with nuclear weapons. In recent years Israel and the lobby pressurized the government of United States to follow the attacking policy towards Iran. If we look at the map, Israel has the potential of threat from Iran’s nuclear weapon. This is also true that the Iran will not stop the production of uranium. In this regard Walt (2009) suggests that US government should allow them to use uranium in energy production but not for weapon making. The whole world is in the favor that Iran should stop the production of uranium and the nuclear weapons. On the other hand Obama gave a very diplomatic answer that Iran should continue the production of uranium but with heavy sanction and by pressurizing them from their key partners.

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