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In her work “Taoism 101”, Casey Kochmer discusses strategies regarding practicing Taoism. She says that Taoism helps you run with life. The practices which are pursued in Taoism are theoretical and others are spiritual in nature. Taoism basically refers and explains to accept life in actions that support you as a human being. It refers to people living according to their self as to what the heart says. Some tips regarding a Taoist are as follows:

  • It’s the way you want to live. Live your own way. Let the other people be however they are if they are not ready to accept you. Don’t conflict with them. Leave them to themselves. Build up strategies to the way you want to live. Hook up with the world as your heart says.
  • Dig up with practices. Implement them in your life. This would help your mind, body, and strength engaged and healthy. These practices would support yourself to implanting things which your heart wants. You will ultimately learn about the world and also help improving yourself.
  • Just to keep in mind that there are no plans in Taoism. It is all based on personal and self ability, feeling for you and also trusting. Rest and give time to yourself.

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