Sample Essay

Muslims are supposed to come to the mosque five times a day daily to offer their prayers. These prayers are considered mandatory for all the Muslims. It is considered a great sin to forego these prayers. The prayers are held according to the position of the sun. They are offered at sunrise, midday, late afternoon, sunset and at night.

The participants of the prayers are supposed to perform a ritual of cleaning themselves by performing ablution. I got an opportunity to witness a congregation prayer being offered. Prayers are the primary form of worship for Muslims. One person led the prayer by chanting verses from the Holy Scripture Quran. The prayer usually takes five to ten minutes. During the prayers, Muslims listened to the verses being chanted by the leader known as Imam. The worshippers also bowed and prostrated during the prayers as respect to God. The prostration reflected the humbleness of the worshippers in front of God. Since there is no furniture in the mosque to sit on, the prayer takes place while either sitting or standing. Once the prayers were over, some worshippers offered voluntary prayers, similar to the congregation prayers, on their own.

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