Sample Essay

Over the period of time, the world has witnessed a tremendous movement towards the elimination of barriers and differences. The whole world has become a global phenomenon on the economic and cultural front. The emergence of organizations such as the United Nations that work for the welfare of the entire world is a cue for those individuals who strive to undo these actions and resort to prehistoric methods of dealing with differences. Missionaries like Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and Nelson Mandela are global heroes who fought against the onslaught of terror and atrocity inflicted upon the crippled and the disadvantaged. They fought for the minor groups, overlooking their religious backdrops or social standings, and brought the world onto a single established platform.

While most educational systems teach the newer generations about homogeneity and unity in diversity, it is of great importance to measure whether this perception is tangential to the external influences that shape an individual. Unless the whole world propagates and promises multiculturalism, there will not be any tolerance or equality.

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