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Premium pricing strategy will be continuously in place charging premium for the Ducati experience created for the customers on all new models. However, price of current models will be held constant. The distribution network will be enhanced to widen the customer base. Under this at least ten new Ducati stores will be licensed by the end of this quarter and five new dealerships will be licensed. For creating better after sales support for customers Ducati will establish hundred new repair shops dispersed evenly over its market coverage over the next five years.

Ducati is currently ranked as fast and ultra cool among the NSW learner legal bikes (Wyman). In pursuing it PULL strategy to create brand recall Ducati will organize five or more events in the United States in 2009 and strengthen its Ducati community. Special facilities will be provided for Ducati owners at these events. Their ownership of a Ducati will let them use premium facilities free of charge at all the events that will be held. Ducati will set aside separate funds for social projects to fulfill its need for corporate social responsibility and to improve its brand perception.

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