On accession to presidency following the demise of JF Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson chose to focus on The Great Society Initiative overlooking the fact that he had inherited the Korean War legacy. This would later taint his presidency as US citizens’ faith in him began to fade. Johnson, Obama and Abraham Lincoln were (is) US President with no background of military experience.

Similarly, US incumbent president, Barrack Obama’s recent decision to dispense with Stanley McChrystal as Afghanistan war commander has raged debate regarding the prudence behind this choice of action. Matuz (12) claims that “the former US and NATO military commander in Afghanistan was summoned to Washington DC following his criticism of key figures in Obama’s administration.” During the presidential election of 2004, Americans opted to reelect Bush in confidence that he stood a better chance of enhancing security.

The argument is not that both Obama and Johnson’s decision-making are flawed because they lack military experience. No, these two acted as they deemed most appropriate, which, for the American citizen, is not enough especially in face of security threats.

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