Sample Essay

In order to stop the disastrous effect of Oil Spill at Gulf of Mexico, emergency efforts have been underway. The efforts are primarily being done in three ways mainly sucking the Oil slick from large suction machines, sprays dispersants over the spill area but that can be a serious threat for the marine life and the last method is burning of floating crude oil on the surface of water. All three ways of preventing the damage have been failed due to massive amount of crude oil being leaked till date.

British Petroleum has been constantly being pressurized by Obama Administration and especially by the residents of Louisiana to come up with their best efforts to stop the leakage under the sea so that damage could be minimized and the life of the residents should return to normal which has been disturbed from more than a week.

Up till now, BP has used certain methods to stop the leakage and its last effort has been top kill method which too ended up in failure. It is now predicted that the well and the oil leakage cannot be stopped till august 2010 as the technology is yet not present in the US to tackle this problem and stop the leakage. Offshore drilling has been stopped as orders from Obama Administration have been out preventing any oil drilling firm to drill for coming 6 months in the Gulf of Mexico. With such a massive disaster in the history of United States, a lot of efforts are to be put in to come over the damage that has been done. The disaster is even bigger than the previous worse Oil spill disaster in US history when Exxon Valdez spill huge amount of Crude oil in Alaska.

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