Sample Essay

If producers ensured that they have created a strong brand identity, this will in turn lead to a build of a great mind share within its consumers; 1in a durable and fair trade, the brand becomes the primary communication tag rather than the end product. All interactions associate the brand’s name and relevant value to the specific situation and audience.35 Identity is so compelling in that even the financial service providers are also taking into consideration to ensure this importance of building a brand is met by putting tags on their banking or other promotional packages. 36 Brand identity is comprised of: i). the brand’s price which is a component that shows value.

For instance, a higher price may signify to consumers about the higher quality of that brand: Quality which revolves around to ensure consumer’s response other impacts on satisfaction: Distribution is another factor which guarantees product availability, a product should be available where the consumer needs it and at the time of demand while limited distribution of the same, may imply failure or product discerning by consumers: Image is of incense since perceptions of brand traits is often represented by the qualities the consumer relates to it. Awareness – as discussed earlier, there should be adequate advertisement; the higher the level of a brand’s awareness, the better the manufacturers’ sales results will be: Reputation – enduring public opinion of brand character; Preference is the predisposition to buy a displayed product by consumers who are establishing brand loyalty. Benefits – consumers may equate certain positive and negative consequences with use of the new ingredient branded product: Lastly, Positioning salience which should be established by a combination of all elements of the newly ingredient branded product. 2, 10, 19, 29, 34

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