Sample Essay

To cover all aspects of the debate regarding the usefulness of PRINCE2 and the type of projects it works well with, would be out of scope for this document. The matter is purely subjective in nature and can be argued on many different fronts.

PRINCE2 is mainly considered to be suitable for large scale projects. This is mainly because this type of methodology is devised around control and the kind of control PRINCE2 created is extremely beneficial for large scale projects and the amount of paperwork generated makes this methodology unsuitable for small scale projects.

Many have been opposed to this statement and suggest that this methodology can be tailored to suit both large and small scale projects.( Rowe, Sandra 2009, pp. 256-267) On the other hand, in general this methodology can be quite inconvenient; particularly when the amount of paperwork is considered, inflexibility of the methodology and the recurrent number of approval gateways makes it complicated and extremely time consuming. ( Hill, Gerard M. 2009, pp. 478-480)

A solution for this problem would be to change the format of the project plan to graphical. It might be problematic in the beginning to compile all the necessary information into a compressed graphical form but there is a process that can be incorporated into PRINCE2 to accommodate this method. Project on a Page is a method in PRINCE2 through which a large amount of data and information can be squeezed into one page and can be an important solution to some of the administrative and gateway review issues. This is done by incorporating the most crucial information on the page first; this document is then dispersed to the project team and stakeholders so they can all review the current status of the project.

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