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Project stakeholders can agree upon an acceptable level of phase gate reviews instead of the more conventional approach provided by PRINCE2. Project managers and other key stakeholders should/will inevitably use a blend of past experience and gut instinct with PRINCE2 techniques to make the project a success.

For large scale projects PRINCE2 could be used in conjunction with other methodologies by dividing the project into more detailed phases. Adopting a typical methodology is never enough for project success; each framework needs to be customized to live up to the projects ever changing situations and strategies. This is a must for successfully completing a project in an effective manner. In this respect PRINCE2 cannot and does not encompass every facet of project lifecycle that would be required for project implementation. Some of things that PRINCE2 will obviously lack are concerned with the human aspects of leadership and resource management skill. Other skills are more intangible in nature such as communication and team building skills. At the end of the day it must be remembered that (as mentioned above) PRINCE 2 is a project management framework for implementing programs or projects and humans.

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