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The major issue of concern and creation of awareness in fair trade issues is a long-standing consumer issue which should address health, environmental and human rights issues. The concept of fair trade therefore, is based on the underlying principle of ensuring fair prices and a regular income for both the consumers and producers. 34 For long, it has been manifested and proofed that the principles of fair trade consumerism are characterized by a number of features such as: pressure group support for fairer trading practices with the Third World; the evolving caring consumer of the 1990s; increasing supplier power in the marketplace increasing media interest in fair trade issues; increasing corporate responsibility. 36

The themes behind this increased diffusion of fair trade values include advancing awareness of Third World issues on a global scale; wider media coverage; increasing availability of information about fair trade principles; 4, 10 26 the increase in the number of fairly traded products and a shift in values towards concern for Third World sustainable development. The features contributing to the growth of fair trade form an integrated self-perpetuating model. 28, 32 The productions processes need not only to be regulated but also conform to principles of durable development and fair trade since all of these factors have contributed to the wider availability of fair trade products and the high quality and performance of alternative fairly traded products. 10, 17, 25 Sustainable and durable development has become, in many cases, the phrase widely used to define economic development which can also emphasize the importance of environmental quality and the conservation of nature’s assets.11 Principles of durable development and fair trade, as it has been discussed by various written journals contains within it 7 concepts discussed below in this research work.

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