Sample Essay

While both print media and electronic media venture to communicate textual content, each of these two types of communication must attend to unique concerns in order to deliver readable content. Computer has its own benefits including Spell-check and auto-suggest functions in word processing programs. These functions assist the authors in writing. Moreover, online audiences are inclined to be more responsive and are more enthusiastic for participating in debates. Other features available online such as website layout, font size and screen glare are more fascinating and cheaper as compared to the print version. However, the credibility of content and authenticity of news is questionable when it comes to online papers. (Fiore 2010)

It should be understood as well that there is a problem with having everything be web-based, something people know if they’ve ever been working in an environment where their work depends on having a network connection. What if you can’t get online? What if there’s a problem with the website? What happens when the 10-year-old Cambodian hacker’s consortium finally gets ‘lucky’ with their SuperVirus? (Fiore 2010)

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