Sample Essay

There is however another side to this. Civilized society is based on some level of privacy being maintained for all individuals. Indeed it is even held as a constitutional right in some states. If this right is not allowed to public figures, they may end up taking desperate and often harmful measures (Gauthier 2002).

A political figure may refrain from medical checkup as its release in the media may force him to leave office. Donna Freydkin’s article “Celebrities fight for privacy” (2004) talks about the tragic condition of the movie star Courtney Cox who was forced to release photos of her new born baby to the media to protect her family business. Thus it is apparent that some level of privacy should at least be maintained to stem the harmful effects extensive media invasion can lead to. The freedom of the press needs to be maintained at all costs as it is crucial for any society. Therefore, any measure in this regard needs to involve some screening for information that comes into the hands of the media.

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