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A number of people believe that private colleges are far better as compared to public colleges. For this they present various reasons. First of all, even if the price of studying in a private college is considerably more, but they provide financial aid to their students. Even if these colleges are expensive, students going to private schools receive Grants, which is one of the state-aid programs in order to help the needy students irrespective of grades or income (Okoben, p.1).
Secondly, private schools are very selective about their students, and they have a small community like environment and it also lets the teacher focus on every student on individual basis. Also, class-fellows in private colleges get to share more close bonds which gets the students even more interested in their studies. According to sources, “some private schools do provide scholarships to poorer families. However, one distinct advantage of private schools is their abilities to satisfy their students’ special needs. A military academy, for example, provides the strict discipline that some students need. Basically, a private school works for the students’ desires, while a public school demands that its students work for their designated needs. The intellectual climate at
a private school is more academically oriented than public schools. Private
education provides students with a broader education that accepts diversity” (Private Schools, p.1).

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