Sample Essay

It is however very difficult to judge which information needs to be brought before the eyes of the public and which to be left alone. One method could involve legislation and putting a strong message across to the media to act responsibly. However, this has many drawbacks. It could infringe on the freedom of the press at some point.

As Mariah Blake points out in her article “Private Matters” (2007), intensified and oppressive enforcements by the government can result in creating “the specter of journalists” (Blake, 2007, p. 19) which compels them to break privacy rights as well. Another step that could be used is Gauthier’s Kantian model. This incorporates creation of a mindset whereby media personnel show consideration for the public figures involved. This involves deontological thinking that some acts are inherently bad and others good. This however is not workable in all situations. What constitutes “inherent” good or bad may be relative to different cultures and situations and defining hard and fast rules is bringing too much flexibility into the equation.

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