Sample Essay

Whenever I stuck in a situation where I have to make certain decisions, I always follow this strategy. Existence of a problem gives rise to the decision making process (Stephen and Coulter 156). Problem identification is a step in which I ask myself all these questions. What problem am I facing? How can I best define this problem? What is my goal and outcome?

These questions when answered indicate that I know exactly what the problem is. Living in a developing country we face electricity outages periodically. So working on personal computers at a stretch is not always possible. In addition sitting continuously in front of a desktop was also tiring and stressful. When I identified my problems related to this matter, my problems were:

  • Long periods of sitting at the computer
  • Electricity outages
  • Stress and tiredness

As a result of defining the problem I was able to identify an action which would allow me to deal with the problems mentioned. I decided to buy a laptop personal computer for which I decided following decision criteria based on different features of a laptop:

  • Price
  • Display Quality
  • Memory
  • Battery life
  • Design and style
  • Weight
  • Model
  • Accessories

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