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Problems and challenges are part of any project no matter that belongs to construction industry or any other industry in which that project can be classified into. The main responsibility of the project leader and the project teams working on that particular project is to identify and analyze the problems that are being faced and come up with the best possible solution so that the problem can be sorted out without causing any major damage (Smith, 2009).
There were numerous problems encountered by the project teams while working on Burj Khalifa project. Being world tallest structure project, it was eminent and inevitable that problems are going to be popping up as it was pretty difficult to manage such a mega project which is totally one of a kind.
First and the major problem that was encountered in this project were to manage the workforce that used to be available on the work site every morning. It is known that more than 12,000 skilled labors used to gather at the construction site of Burj Khalifa which is at the down town of Dubai. Handing over and assigning tasks to the workers was the key problem that was faced by the project managers. It was strongly required that there was accurate number of workers working on same task so that resources were utilized in the most efficient manner.
Second problem that was also related to the labor force in which it was of serious concern that the performance of workers was analyzed accordingly as the building was already 160 floors high and it was very time consuming to analyze whether each employee was giving his best on the tasks that were assigned to him.

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