Sample Essay

Third major problem that was striking the project leaders was the hot weather of Dubai and reluctance of workers to work in such pathetic working conditions on such a high rise tower. With so many workers working on variety of construction processes, majority of them were left de-motivated and reluctant to work wholeheartedly on their respective tasks. Furthermore, no incentives were being provided to the workers to increase their motivation and work participation which surely had resulted in lazy and inefficient work performance by the workers.

One of the main problems which were later identified by the observers was that the coordination between the workforce and their leaders was not as much as it has to be while working on such a mega projects. The workers which were hired for various construction tasks were from numerous countries with only skill criteria and not on their educational background due to which communication problems and gaps started to get underway. With different languages and different cultural backgrounds, it was hard for teams to coordinate and work efficiently and at times misunderstandings used to develop as well due to miscommunication and not thorough understanding of language being spoken.

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