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The problem that can arise in suing Dr. Hero for the accident is that Jason was equally responsible for causing the accident due to his concentration on the helicopter rather than the road and the signal. As Jason was distracted and didn’t look at the red signal, it was majorly his fault and Dr. Hero can sue him back for his car damages and time lost as he was hurrying to attend a traumatic patient. Secondly, as Jason was unconscious only for few seconds, Dr. Hero didn’t notice any significant damage to Jason and could use as his defense that he thought that the bleeding was only from a small cut and nothing important as compared to the other emergency patient he was late in attending to.

The E.R triage nurse and Dr. Savior, both can defend themselves by arguing that they were attending to other traumatized patients as its they duty and did what they are required to do and assisted Jason to the best of their capacities.

The nurse in the E.R responsible for directing Dr. Cuts can defend himself by stating that he had just come in and since the helicopter patient was so severely injured, he thought that Dr. Cuts might be looking for him. Dr. Cuts cannot only defend himself, by saying that he didn’t know about Jason’s seizure disorder due to which he could not continue the operation leading to the delay and further blood loss, he can sue Jason back as he didn’t inform the doctor or the medics about his condition due to which the surgery was complicated unnecessarily and he had to perform an eight hour surgery on Jason.

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