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Some  organizations might use certain tools of conducting performance appraisals just because they are being followed in the industry. This again produces a serious loop hole in the entire process of conducting performance appraisals. Every organization has its own structure, and culture that defines it. Although industry best practices might exist even for performance appraisals, however, the same tool is not necessarily applicable to all organizations. For instance, Andrew Forrest implies; if an organization’s culture is characterized by bureaucratic hierarchies, and does not foster communication, then conducting a 360-degree feedback will be pointless in such an organization. (cited in McCurry P.(1999). New angle on 360-degree feedback. Director, 53, p.36).

Some  tools of performance appraising may become obsolete with relevance to an employee or employees because the on job environment of the employee changes. The problem remains that same job dynamics do not hold true for an employee, and so the employee can not be evaluated on former standards. In such a scenario performance appraisers need to consider the exact dynamics of the job of the employee and then undertake evaluation. This solution serves the interest of the both the organization and the employee. As mentioned by Candy Albertsson, . “An individual may have a different boss or team one year or be doing different work, which can make findings hard to compare”. (cited in  McCurry P.(1999). New angle on 360-degree feedback. Director, 53, p.36).

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