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Obsess about your process, is another point on which Hammer emphasized. In his point of view, process is an innovative way of thinking in customer terms. It removes overhead and cost, confusion and delay. Customers care only about results, and results come only from end-to-end processes. Manage them, improve them, appoint owners for them, and make everyone aware of them, in other words, make high performance possible. Don’t focus on individual activities; focus on how those activities fit together.

He talked about how to turn creative work into process work. Process is the discipline that makes outstanding performance a matter of design. It is the way to make both customers and shareholders satisfy and to keep them sustained. Focuses on improving processes, where there are no processes, make some. Put all your systematize creativity in processes as it thrives better in disciplined, coordinated environments. Bring the power of discipline and structure to sales, product development, and other creative work. Make success in these areas the result of design and management.

The next agenda is the use of measurement for improving not accounting, i.e., makes managing part of management, not accounting. Most of their measurements are worthless; they tell us what has happened but will give no clue as to what to do for the future. Create a model of their business that ties overall goals to things that control; measure the items that really make a difference; and embed measurement in a serious program of managed improvement. One needs to measure these things carefully and base their actions on what we learn. Use measurements to improve processes in ways that help customers.

Hammer’s focus is then on to loosen ones organizational structure. He doesn’t just want to talk about teamwork instead wants to live it. Dynamic, respected leaders and motivated teams are needed. Cooperation and teamwork are now as necessary in the executive suite as on the front lines. He suggests teaching their managers how to work together for the good of the enterprise.

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