Sample Essay

For every good manufacturing companies they have the best product design, so was the case with New Balance as they had 60 people who were working just for the design of the product out of which 30 were working on the incremental development and the others were working on the new innovative ideas to fit in and produce a unique product. But, New Balance always had this desire of manufacturing a product which had a long and durable life. Lately quoted by Jim Davis that they have not been taking care of the product design the way they used to when they were in the market but they’ll look for the design reviews and work on the mistakes they’ve made in the past.

Distribution channels

Foot locker, a brand which was highly recognized by everyone all over the world had around 4000 stores all over the world and its contribution was a bit less than 10 percent to Nike’s annual sales  as Nike was representing 50 percent of its sale for the foot locker. They were also very cheap in price and their pride of lessening the retail price to $5.

New Balance has always focused on smaller retailers as their main goal was to target the service oriented customers. The largest retailer for New Balance was foot locker and it was responsible for more than 3000 doors in the whole of US.

New Balance divided the retailers into two groups in which specialty retailers were again dropped into 3 major teams which were the elite running stores, independently owned and operated  New Balance stores and family stores. New Balance has always maintained a good relationship with the small and the big retailers which have resulted in making its name in the international market all over the world.

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