Sample Essay

A landmark development in terms of product differentiation was the unique shape of the Coke bottle (Coca Cola Case Study 2009).

In a time when similar products were saturating the market with the label on top being the only differentiating factor, something different needed to be done. Since the carbonated soft drinks needed to be kept in cold storage, with only their tops visible, the signs did not function effectively either. The company then developed its elegant shaped curved bottle and started supplying the product in it. This allowed consumers to not only pick Coke by its shape as they wanted, it also made it seem unique and better compared to the other drinks. The same is the case with the Coca Cola labels on each bottle. It was printed in a different and appealing font, compared to the monotonous way some other local brand names were frequently printed. This was against a red back drop which has been shown to be the most stimulating color and the first one noticed by people. Changing policies by the changing times and pouncing on opportunities has been very effective on the part of the company. When consumers started becoming environmentally cautious, it started packaging with recyclable material and advertising it too to appeal to those concerned regarding the environment.

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