Sample Essay

Chevron’s primary product is crude oil which it pumps daily through its drilling facilities across the globe. It further boasts refining facilities which allow it to refine the crude oil into various other products. The company further has control over some gas production facilities and provides natural gas as a product to commuters and to companies as well as to households. Lastly, the company is involved in power generation and sale across three continents which all provides for the company’s involvement in nearly every aspect of oil and gas industry.

Chevron employs extensive distribution networks for its products. It handles its own retailing by employing nearly fifty nine thousand people worldwide with a global marketing network in nearly eighty four countries, handled by almost 24000 retail sites that are run by the Chevron Corporation, with a few being managed by affiliate companies. In addition, the company operates thirteen power generation facilities across theUnited States,Canada, and the European Union and inAsia. The merger of Texaco with Chevron resulted in Texaco branded oil products also being distributed by Chevron’s network of wholesalers.

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