Sample Essay

(1)               Section A:Research Questions & Research Conducted

In order to conduct an in-depth and thorough research to find out the supplier views while developing a new product for sale in Trade Aid Shops in New Zealand it is important to know what exactly has to be found out through research which can also be displayed in Research Questions whereas it is of equal importance to know what ways and methods are to be adopted in carrying out research i.e. Primary and Secondary Research methods (Ryan, 2008).

Research Questions are to be brief and straight forward so that the goal and the objective of carrying research are achieved and the outcome can be measured accordingly. The method preferred in conducting research is Primary Research as it gives fresh and correct data as compared to Secondary research whose data is used and is often obsolete & outdated.

(2)   Section A:Research Questions

(1)   How do the manufacturers know about the demand of goods in foreign markets like New Zealand?

(2)   What factors are considered by the suppliers in exporting goods to Trade Aid shops in New Zealand?

(3)   What quality standard is kept while coming up with new products for sale in Trade Aid Shops in New Zealand?

(4)   Number of goods to be produced and supplied to the Trade Aid Shops in New Zealand

(5)   How do the suppliers know the current trends in New Zealand for the goods in high demand?

(6)   Potential segment targeted by supplier when exporting goods to Trade Aid Shops in New Zealand.

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