Sample Essay

The current net sales of Toys R Us as given in its News Release for year ending January, 2009 stood at US dollars thirteen thousand seven hundred and twenty four. These were approximately 0.5 percent lower than the sales of 2008 (thirteen thousand seven hundred and ninety four). Cost of sales and operating costs remained fairly consistent over the two year period. The overall net earnings improved by approximately forty-two and a half percent. (News Release;, 2009). However, Net sales figure is the main representative of the firm’s marketing and management efforts to generate revenue from core business activities.

As compared to Toys R Us, Wal-Mart’s net sales were $405,607 million for financial year 2009 declined from $378,799 million. Wal-Mart’s revenue posted a gain of 7 percent. Target’s net sales stood at $64,948 million as compared to $63,367 million from previous year. Target posted a year on year increase in net sales of a meager 2.5 percent. GameStop’s net sales were $8,805 million for financial year 2009 up from $ 7094 million in financial year 2008.  GameStop’s net sales figures register an increase of impressive 24 percent over the periods 2008 to 2009. It can be seen that from the results that under the competitive environment of the industry and the economic factors specializing in a particular segment or product line appears to be a must have capability as it has delivered results for GameStop.

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