Sample Essay


Project Management is amongst the key processes that a manager has to handle while in-charge of operations. Generally, an organization that is operating in the market has certain ventures on which they are working on and it remains the responsibility of the project manager to make sure everything goes in the right direction (Martin, 2009). Multinational companies normally spend a lot of their funds in excessive planning of their projects to make sure that the return on investment is higher than the investment made (Brown, 2009). Project management involves setting of various types of goals that an organization aims to achieve and it remains the job of the project manager to draft strategies to meet those goals.

Description of the Project & Primary Goals:

Projects are classified into various categories. Some are related to Aviation, where as others are related to engineering, marketing, business management etc. All the projects that are initiated have certain goals and during the project every possible action is taken to ensure that those goals are achieved in a specific period of time.

Among various projects that have been assigned and handled to me, the best and the most exciting project that has been completed under my supervision has been the launching of the Magazine 4Home in entire UAE. The magazine has been totally designed to meet the home decoration needs of the families residing in the UAE. For this particular project that is publication of this magazine, all the top brands of household furniture and interior designers were gathered on one platform and were offered a place in the magazine so that they have an ample chance of advertising their offering to their target market across the UAE.

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